Product management – IT, SaaS, Connected Objects


Oct 2014 – April 2016, EMIXIS, (BRUSSELS, Belgium)

Key Customer support and service:

Description: in an effort to better support the top 5 clients (45% company sale), a dedicated support line has been created with a dedicated person.


  • Organization of the key client hotline,
  • Phone and email support to key client,
  • Appropriate troubleshooting in coordination with the team,
  • Follow-up and closing of the ticket,
  • Tunneling to FAQ,
  • Client feedback collection for products improvements.

Product Management:

  1. Fuel Tracker

Description: Clients in Africa (30% Sales) suffers from fuel theft and requested a device to help them controlling this phenomena. We developed the ‘Fuel Tracker’, an  electronic device connected to the GPS beacon, that warns any fuel theft by siphoning or over tanking, by means of a local (siren, head ligh) and remote alarm (SMS, email) as well as by reports.  

  1. Active RFID temperature and presence transmitter

 Description: the sensor on the right side (next to a wired sensor for validation) transmits the ambient temperature to a receiver connected to the GPS beacon, allowing a wireless transmission of the temperature and also the presence of its container. Very used in the logistics of the cold chain or animals transport.


  1. ECO Drive

Description: ECO Drive measures the ‘Eco friendliness’ and ‘vehicle friendliness’ of the driver via a 3D acceleration sensor embedded into the GPS beacon. An ECO score is measured during the different trips and reported in real time on the platform. This product was for example requested by bpost to monitor the behavior of the drivers towards the vehicles, and also to the fuel consumption.


  1. Maintenance: yet in the same move to propose high added value peripheral services, development of metrics that monitor the maintenance parameters of a whole fleet:


  1. Crash reconstruction: the idea was to re-build the trajectory of a vehicle just after the accident impact. 
  1. SMS: i set up the SMS as an added value service to the clients. Finding the supplier, coordinating with the IT team, pricing, client order management and have it working.


Responsibilities for all products:

Lead and manage according the 5 constraints and 9 steps as mentioned above:

  • Responsible of all innovative products offered as added value to the basic track& trace GPS Beacon,
  • Business Analysis,
  • product definition, functional analysis & technical specification,
  • product development follow-up,
  • documents: installation and user manuals, road map/release management,
  • testing & validation, pilot project,
  • marketing, commercial launch, SLA definition and negotiation,
  • training to sales partners, product life cycle management,

In short: all excepted coding and sales.