Design of Slat Tracks of A380-800, A380-800F and B787-800

March 2004-Sept 2006, Structural Engineer 

Description: ASCO had been awarded by AIRBUS a risk sharing partnership with SONACA for the design and delivery of the leading edge moveables of the A380 and A380F aircrafts. ASCO was in charge of the design and supply of the slat tracks, while SONACA of the flaps themselves.

After some times of repetitive calculations of 17 slat tracks with each between 20 and 25 sections, several load loops in static and fatigue analysis, I requested the project leader to trust me that the calculation will be ready in the next 3 months, but in a more efficient manner. So, I set up a VBA for excel application that replicated the entire calculation chain in one single mouse click, dramatically reducing the calculation time. Indeed, it took approximately one hour to prepare all new input for the tool, and a quarter to get the results of a process that took an entire week manually.

The model was carefully validated by comparison of the results with the results of the previous hand calculations in the same conditions.

The traceability was also improved because the input and output were all gathered in files, fully decoupling the input, the output and the tool. In this way, the risk of errors was virtually set to 0. As long as the input were right, the output were right.

This application was successfully used on the A380-800, A380-800F and also by our remote team in seattle for the design of the B787-800.


  • sizing of aeronautical parts, related to design and fabrication of leading edge moveables supports of the A380-800 and A380-800F against static, fatigue and damage tolerance stresses,
  • I took the risk and responsibility of creating a program to encapsulate and encapsulate the design method. I was responsible for the validation of this tool.