Calculation Methods & Tools Development Leader

Sept 2006 -Janv 2008, Calculation Methods & Tools Development Leader 

Description: Following the success of the slat track design applications I developed for the A380 and B787 projects, I’ve been requested to develop a strategy based on the concepts of Knowledge Engineering to improve the long-term competitiveness of the Design Office from the standpoint of Knowledge Management.

This strategy was acknowledged by the management and I have been requested to lead a team of 2 engineers to create the ASCO Stress Handbook and a suite of applications (for aero parts design), whose benefits are the capture and continuous enhancement of the knowledge, enabling its maintainability, and a dramatic reduction of the design lifecycle.

So, we developed the following applications: Damage tolerance tool, factorisation tool, section properties tool, sequencing tool for crack growth analysis, load spectrum reduction tool for fatigue analysis, track section tool (the one shown below).


The aim was to develop programs that take files as input and produced files as output. Also the different programs could be chained in a very modular and flexible way, meaning that one can take the output of the previous one as input.

Doing this way has several advantages: the tools are validated once for all, so the results are decoupled from the users, improving the quality of the result. The engineers were not only occupied with making calculations, but with chaining automated validated programs, speeding up dramatically the design time and quality.



  • Establish the vision and road map for the knowledge based engineering of the design office
  • Organise the repository of the tools
  • Lead the team of 2 engineers for development of the methods and of the applications
  • Quality and validation of the programs developed by the team
  • Timely delivery of the tools